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Spherical White Fused Alumina



Spherical white fused alumina is high sphericity alumina, developed by JINJIYUAN’s unique high tempreture melting technologies.
JINJIYUAN Spherical white fused alumina can provide high thermal conductivity and improvement of the surface hardness of the various resines or rubbers by filling them.Low ionic impurity type is also available. This can be used in the electronic materials field where reliability is required.

Filler for thermal interface material
Filler for semiconductor sealants
Powder to be laid for ceramic baking
Abrasive grain
Spraying material

Particle size:

WAS 2-100

Standard Specifications for Particle Size and Quality:

Spherical white fused alumina is divided into three series:

WASHP series,WASLB series,WASHL series.

WASHP series  spherical white fused alumina is made of ordinary irregularly shaped Al2O3 through high-temperature melt-spraying method, and then sieving and purification to obtain the final product. The obtained alumina has high spheroidizing ratio, controllable particle size distribution, and high purity. The purity of this product is 99.9%

WASLB series of high thermal conductivity spherical white fused alumina is a product which is deeply processed through a series of special water classification and screening processes.
Not only can maintain the sphericity, but also increase the content and crystallinity of the product's α phase, reduce the specific surface area, and can play a more powerful thermal conduction effect in the polymer thermal matrix.

WASHL series spherical white fused alumina use powders with different particle sizes to achieve tight filling between particles to improving the overall thermal conductivity of the material.
And it is made by special surface treatment, which has higher filling capacity and higher thermal conductivity than WASHP series.
The base heat-conducting material realizes heat conduction through phonons, and the heat-conducting filler plays an important role in it. In order to improve the application requirements of heat-conducting efficiency of different heat-conducting channels, the company developed this series of products, which has been widely recognized by customers.